Sweet Earth Homestead Gardens

– Personal Farming using Organic Methods and Intensive Planting Techniques to provide for our partner farm fans.

Growing food is easy. Finding the time and space is not. We know that not everyone has the time or resources to grow their own food, so we want to be your personal farmer.

As your “personal farmer”, we invite you to visit the farm, nibble from the vines and feel like the food we’re growing for you REALLY is YOURS.

Our distribution methods are simple. We provide weekly subscription baskets to our members. These can be picked up at the Homestead, the Farmers Market or delivered to your front door. For our members who live on Joint Base Lewis/McChord, we arrange a weekly drop-off point on Gravelly Lake Rd for your convenience.

While some programs require you to invest at the beginning of the season, before the seeds are planted, we opt for a monthly membership program. We’ll just charge you monthly during the growing season, and you can opt out at any time.


We believe in giving back to the community. Sadly, not everyone is able to afford to eat healthy. And while you can use your EBT card at Jack in the Box, recipients of EBT are only able to spend $10 on produce at Farmers Markets. While we can’t cure all that ails the government, we CAN give to those who are less fortunate.

For every 10 member families we serve, we adopt 2 low-income families, so their children can have the same experience on the Homestead as our families with a higher income level. These families will receive a vegetable box bi-weekly and have access to our Kids Days on the Homestead. With all of the struggles in todays world, food shouldn’t be one of them.

In addition, if a week comes where one of our members isn’t able to pick up or have their box delivered, instead of refunding the price for the vegetables we’ve already boxed up, we’ll offer to donate the box to the food bank/family of their choice. If someone has signed up to be one of our farm partners, we would hope they have the same heart for humanity that we have. (Of course, if you give us a 7 day notice that you won’t need your box that week, we’ll issue a future box credit for the next month and the weekly total will come off the following months bill)