Serama Chickens in Seattle

Serama chickens are the smallest breed of chickens in the world   These little birds are full of personality, and while they are chickens, their small enough that you shouldn’t look to them for any food products!

Serama chickens originated in Malaysia, where they are the #1 pet, over dogs and cats.  With their oversized personalities, it’s not hard to understand.  They are lap-birds, will bond with their human and follow you around like a puppy dog.

They are small.  Weighing around 1 pound when full grown.  This makes them excellent for a cute backyard chicken coop that won’t take up much room or many people like to have them in their homes.   If you’re a secret chicken lover, but apartment bound, a Serama hen (or three) may be perfect for you.

12573672_10153155845641511_4916948393041235045_nAs far as “not” waking up the neighbors in the morning,, a Serama rooster has a smaller crow, but a crow none-the-less, so if you’re not wanting to disrupt the neighbors sleep,  a cockerel may not be  the perfect shoice.  But, if you CAN have a rooster, you’ll definitely want a Serama.   The roosters are the most colorful, proud little birds, talking to their owners on a regular basis, and unlike a typical “rooster”, not at all aggressive – perfect for children to hold, handle and get used to farm animals with.

We breed Serama chickens for the pet market, not the show market.  With the wide range of colors (over 2000 combinations)  part of the fun of a Serama is finding the “next” beautiful bird to add to your flock.

We hand raise the birds from their smallest size, so they are friendly and ready for their new homes.  We find a lot of our customers have small children, so we desire to offer the absolute friendliest flock you can find.

In the Southern U.S., there are some serious Serama enthusiasts, with Serama shows and competitions, but in the NW, the show market is still young, and as with all “show animals”, more intense than we want to become involved with right now.

MEAT & EGGS:  Did I mention these little guys are around 1 lb each?  We tease little ones that this is where chicken nuggets come from, but truthfully, I’m not sure you would get a full chicken nugget out of these guys.

As for the eggs, this is where it’s fun.  If you have hens that are laying, they will lay an egg every day or two.  It takes 5 eggs to make 1 large graded egg, but if you make “Serama Eggs” for your kids, they absolutely LOVE the mini-eggs, and learning to crack an egg that’s “kid-sized” is easy and fun.  (And don’t even get me started with mini-Easter eggs!!)

HOUSING:  Seramas do not need the larger space required of most chickens.  You can happily house a trio of Seramas in a 3 sq ft cage.   Due to their small size, they are not good candidates for running about the yard, unless you have no predators.  However, a miniature chicken run is a fun alternative and a great source of entertainment for you and enrichment for your flock.

OUR PHILOSOPHY  As we breed Seramas for pets, we like to ensure the birds are going to proper homes.  We ask that you provide a photo of the enclosure you’ll be keeping the chickens in, prior to purchase.   The enclosure should be large enough and have proper ventilation.  Occasionally, we have custom built FUN coops available for sale, or we can design and build a coop for almost any “theme” you’d like.

When you order your chicken(s), we’ll send you out our “Happy Serama e-Guidebook”, which goes through the set up for your new pet.  We want to be sure you don’t get home and discover there’s things your birds need and the feed store is closed.

When you pick up your Serama, if you’re new to chickens, plan to spend approximately 1 hour with us.  We’ll go over all of the care requirements and make sure all of your questions are answered.   When we got into poultry, we had to do hundreds of hours of research, and learn by trial and error.   We believe it doesn’t need to be so difficult.


We currently have a wait list for our Seramas.  If you’re interested in getting on the list, send us an email and we’ll add you to our e-List.  When our chicks reach 10 weeks of age, they are ready for new homes.   At this stage, we can accurately sex the chickens, so if you need a hen or a rooster, you’ll get the right one.    We send all of those on “The List” our offerings each month, with current pictures of who’s ready for a new home.


Roosters – $30.00

Hens – $35.00

Can you find birds that cost less?  Absolutely.  By cruising Craigslist, you can find backyard breeders getting rid of roosters for $10.   The housing situations these birds are coming out of are less than desirable.  We believe by offering birds raised in a humane way, handled daily, fed organic feed, priced at a fair price, and giving service and education to our pet owners, we have a unique offering in the Seattle – Tacoma area market.

14 DAY WARRANTY- We warranty our birds for 14 days.  This means, if the unfortunate happens within 14 days of your purchase, we’ll replace your bird with the same sex with one of the available birds in our flock.   These are hardy birds, but DO die of Sudden Death, for no apparent reason, so we want to offer some sort of a reasonable warranty on our birds.