Our rabbitry focuses on a lineage of New Zealand White rabbits bred to be oversized and more docile than the New Zealand standard. Our rabbits are handled from a young age, so they are perfect for both the pet market, as well as the meat market.

New Zealand White rabbits are a true “American” rabbit, having little connection to anything “New Zealand”. First appearing in the 1920’s, descended from albino New Zealand Reds. New Zealand senior bucks weigh 9-11 pounds; senior does weigh 10-12 pounds When raised on commercial pellets, the rabbits will reach 5 lbs by 8-10 weeks. If raised on pasture, this may take 2 weeks longer to reach the same weight.

Breeding Stock – We save our largest kits for breeding stock, having breeders available several times per year. Ideally, with one buck and 3 does, you should be able to produce 300 lbs of rabbit per year for your home use. We sell complete breeder sets and teach you the nuances of rabbitry. How to raise, breed, feed and care for your rabbits will be covered in depth. We are also able to provide you with a full enclosure set up, if desired. We can, from start to finish, get you set up with your own backyard rabbitry.

baby rabbit

Currently For Sale

We currently have 7 bunnies available from Frost and Marshmallow for reservation. These bunnies will be ready to go to homes March 15 or after. Our rabbits are $40/ea and we ask for a $10 deposit to reserve bunnies. At the age of 6 weeks, any rabbits not reserved will be available for sale. The BEST rabbits go to those with reservations.


Our Breeder’s

IMG_2631Lucky – He truly IS a Lucky rabbit.   He was chosen from his brothers out of a rabbit tractor full of meat rabbits.  Now Lucky lives out his days on Lovers Lane, where he gets outings for supervised play in the meadow and several times per month, he has a girl rabbit brought to his cage for a “play date”.   Lucky is the most handled rabbit in our rabbitry, and usually the one that the kids visiting the Homestead will get to hold.

IMG_2678Doe White – She is our smallest doe and sweetest.   Doe White loves to play with her rabbit toys and is super inquisitive at everything happening in and around her cage.  She is the most vocal of our rabbits, often chirping when she is not wanting to be petted during her feedings.   We reassure her and when we hit that spot behind her ears, all chirping ceases.

 Frost – A very docile doe, Frost makes for a great mom and a proven breeder.  She is happiest when eating.  And sleeping   And not super active.   She has a toy or two that she’ll entertain, but primarily, she’s just a very laid back, resting through life, bunny.  She is an oversized New Zealand and produces large kits with good meat to bone ratios.

IMG_2709Marshmallow – Our largest rabbit, and carries a bit of attitude with her.    Early in her life, she was mistakenly sexed as a male, put out with the boy meat rabbits, and then had a litter of babies that didn’t survive, as there was no nest box…with the rabbitry not knowing that “he” was really a “she”.   Now, we’re excited to have her at Sweet Earth where she can live out her life having babies and having the chance to be a successful mother.