The Search for Old Fashioned Americauna Flavor

I have an old cookbook my mom put in her hope chest when she was a young girl. It’s filled with pictures of plump chicken and red pork. But the supermarket chickens were tasteless and the pork is barely tinted pink. What happened to the meat my grandmother used? We wanted farm raised. We wanted animals that lived like animals lived in the 1920’s. What we didn’t know is that we wanted SLOW FOOD. Slow grown, raised naturally, without hormones, antibiotics or gmo-feed. Food with the flavor and texture of days gone by. Forgotten food from forgotten breeds.

We raise American

The slow food movement has swept Europe, as people look to the food of their past. Food that’s slow grown, raised doing the things their ancestors did when they raised meat. We have a “more recent” history than Europe, and have chosen to focus on those animals who have been an important part of the American past. Some of the breeds we raise were brought by the first settlers to our land – and ALL breeds were around when your grandmother was a little girl.

Our Mission: Help Preserve Heritage Breeds and Heirloom Varieties

The diversity of our agro-system starts with honoring the breeds from the past that have been slowly decimated through modern agriculture practices.  Our mission is to grow as much wholesome, healthy food in a slow, traditional way, while enriching and never poisoning the soil during the process.  We offer educational presentations to schools and civic groups regarding Heritage breeds and their declining populations. We know, the only way to save many heritage breeds is to reintroduce them to the American table. By supporting small Heritage Breed farmers, each individual can help preserve our farm history…one dinner at a time.