“Tastes Like Chicken.”   Not ours…

When we got involved with investigating where our meat came from, we looked at chicken. How it was raised, what it was fed – pastured, organic, non-gmo, after all, chicken is chicken.  Right?

What we found was that the commercial poultry industry has reduced “chicken” to a single breed – if you want to call something that can’t reproduce naturally a “breed”.   What we found is that we had stumbled upon “Frankenchicken”. (Find out more about FRANKENCHICKEN here)

We knew that we didn’t want to eat these “chickens”.  But we found, there is nothing else out there.

We raise Heritage Breed Poultry

So, what happened to the chicken that we remembered from childhood? What happened to the chicken that fed a family dinner and had enough leftovers for a chicken stew during the week?

Enter the Heritage Breed – old fashioned breeds, pure Americana revisited.

To qualify as a Heritage Breed, the bird must:

  1. They must have been recognized as a breed before the 1950’s
  2. They must be able to make baby chicks naturally
  3. They must be able to live a long productive life raised on pasture.  Hens must be able to be productive for 5-7 years and roosters for 3-5
  4. They must be slow growers.  To qualify as heritage, it must take a minimum of 16 weeks to reach market weight, so they build a strong skeletal structure and healthy internal organs prior to developing muscle mass.

These forgotten breeds are the ones raised on farms and in backyards since the settlers first came to America.   Each one uniquely has a superior flavor and texture from the “supermarket chicken” of today.