Meet the Homesteaders

IMG_2168 - Copy Tony’s favorite childhood memories revolve around his grandparents farm.  From cows to pigs to chickens, they grew a full range of farm animals.  He earned his wings by flipping tractors, milking cows and hauling hay.   After going out and working “real jobs” his whole life, he’s excited to come back to simple.


cindy child

Cindy spent her summers working on a produce farm.  Daily orders would come in for Albertsons, IGA, etc and the kids crew would pull radishes and vegetables.   Now in later years, she realizes that the small farms, like she worked on, are disappearing.  Corporations are morphing vegetables and animals into “production food”.  This isn’t healthy…and it’s just plain scary.   She sees that there’s a need, and she’s excited to fill the little corner she lives in.

Tony and Cindy spent a year watching all of the documentaries on where our food comes from.  They knew commercial agriculture wasn’t ideal, but they had no idea the extent of animal cruelty that existed in our food supply.   As the doors opened to obtain land, the dream was born to build a sustainable small farm enterprise and be part of the solution so badly needed in todays world.


These are our “original” farmers.   Marvin was raised during the Great Depression, selling watermelon out of a red wagon to earn money in Omaha, Nebraska.   Later, in his teens (circa 1940’s), he ran his own rabbitry, up on Union Hill in Redmond, and sold hundreds of rabbits to a vendor at the Pikes Place Market.  Peggy was raised on a 100-acre farm, with no running water, a huge dairy and wheat fields.  She hated household chores, so she was often found in the barn doing “the boys chores”.    They both started on a farm, and now they’ve returned to help us on our homestead, as we live in harmony with our multi-generational family, the way it’s supposed to be .