Watch here for our upcoming listings of classes and workshops dedicated to raising rabbits, chickens and vegetables in humane, sustainable methods.


How to Raise Rabbits ClassRabbits 101 – From how to choose your breed, housing, feeding, care and breeding, health care and basic rabbit husbandry. All of our animal classes focus on the ethical and humane raising of animals. Our Rabbits 101 class is complimentary to those who purchase a breeding set. For others looking at getting into rabbits, cost is $15.00 per person. Class time: 4 – 6 hours depending on questions. Light snacks served.

Rabbit Harvesting – Join us for our Rabbit Harvest. At the harvest, we will show you how to select, dispatch, skin and prepare rabbits for meat. We will discuss different methods available. This is as hands-on as you would like it to be. Ages 18 and over only, unless prior permission. $15.00 per person. Rabbits available to reserve for purchase prior to dispatch, if you’d like your own rabbit to harvest.


12484648_1668670816743456_9075803143713626721_oLaying Chickens 101 – They’re cute and fluffy…and…in this class we’ll take you from birth to hatch in the life of a laying chicken. How to decide which flavor of chicken to adopt, where to get them, how to house them, feed them and common chicken ailments that can be treated by natural methods. Cost is $15.00 per person. Class time: 4-6 hours, depending on questions. Each class participant will leave with a dozen farm fresh eggs.

Meat Chickens 101 – Raising meat chickens is different than laying hens. We’ll take you through options of housing (including chicken tractors), breed options, feed and health requirements. We’ll show you how to grow for the most meat, in an ethical manner, honoring the chicken through providing a humane life before it is sacrificed for your food. Cost is $15.00. Class time – 2-4 hours depending on questions.

Breeding and Hatching Chickens – In this class, we’ll look at how to breed and hatch baby chickens. We’ll discuss the options of having the babies hatched with mom vs. hatching through an incubator. How to handle and raise baby chickens, including the options of medications, feed and housing. Cost is $15.00 per person. Class time – 2-4 hours depending on questions


Family Salad Bowl – Would you love fresh salad, year around, using no dirt – just water? Have you looked at Hydroponic growing on the web and found lots of scientific jibberish, overly engineered systems and thought…heck, I’ll just continue to buy the bagged salad at the market? We are here to show you how to build your own “family sized” hydroponic salad bowl that will keep producing an endless amount of salad greens, so you can eat healthier and at a much lower cost than the $4 iceberg salad mixes you’ve been getting in the store. We’ll have “test” salad mixes, so you can design your own salad mix kit based on your tastes. Cost: $65 per family (limit of 4 people per family) – includes entire hydroponic greens kit, up to 12 varieties of greens, fully planted, to take home.