Sometimes you can grow your food, sometimes you can buy your food…and sometimes you should forage.

Urban Forage – In this class, we’ll discuss how to live in an urban environment by supplementing with the American consumers excess. We’ll talk about foraging food, salvage materials and getting more for less in all areas of building and surviving on your homestead. We’ll show you what we do on a continual basis, through beg, barter and (…well, we don’t steal!!) Class cost $15.00. Light urban foraged lunch will be served.

Forest Forage – Mushrooms and plants. How to identify, pick and cook our native Northwest edibles. We’ll go on a forest forage hike, then we’ll prepare the food in our outdoor kitchen over an open fire. Class cost $15.00. Light meal will be served.

Ocean Forage Seaweeds, shellfish and seaside plants. How to identify, clean and prepare our native Northwest shore food. We’ll discuss when, where and how to collect the different species available to us. Class cost is $25.00. Light meal will be prepared.