CSA – Weekly Produce for the Seattle Metro Area

Weekly Produce Memberships

At Sweet Earth, we think of our “members” as extended family. We want to grow the same quality of food for our extended family that we want for ourselves. When we can plant a seed and think of one of our members, knowing the joy it will bring at harvest, that’s what makes the days of tending garden worth it.

We grow all of our produce using eco-friendly, organic methods. We add natural fertilizers to the earth, by utilizing the “gifts” our bunnies and chickens produce en masse. We also make kelp tea and use a huge variety of companion plants to ward off pests. Our produce is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

We offer THREE types of Memberships at Sweet Earth:

1) Healthy Lifestyle Membership – This exclusive membership will give each of our subscribers a basket full of rich, nutrient dense vegetables, berries and fruit weekly – especially designed to meet YOUR needs. You’ll also receive heart healthy recipes to go with the basket, so you’ll learn new ways to use the produce.

This is an exclusive membership which we’re only allowing 5 subscriptions to in 2016. With this membership, if there’s special vegetables that you need more of, we’ll be adding extra space in the garden for YOUR food. Need more iron? We’ll increase your iron rich vegetables in the basket. We’ll work with you and your doctor/nutritionist to give you the foods YOU need…not just the general basket that everyone gets. – $25/weekly brings 6-8 offerings (for a single member) or $35 brings 9-12 offerings delivered to your doorstep (within Allyn-Grapeview delivery area) or picked up at a local farmers market.

2) Kid Centric Membership – Do you want your kids to LOVE vegetables? Do you want your kids to know WHERE their food comes from? This membership is designed to create a farm to table awareness for your kids.

Yes, you’ll get the basket with 9-12 offerings – but the basket will ALSO contain a kid friendly recipe for you and your kids to create together. We will make the recipe readable for kids from 4-10 years of age. (Think…”Salsa Basket” or “Spaghetti Night”) We think if THEY make it, they are more likely to eat it.

We also want the kids to know WHERE the food comes from, so each month, from May – October, we will have KIDS DAY at the Homestead. They will have activities for the month, and be able to see the bunnies, chickens and goats (and get pictures, of course). We will have a “KIDS GARDEN” where each child has a patch of vegetables. If they can’t make one of the months for planting a new “crop”…one will be planted for them, so they’ll reap the harvest. We also want to teach kids how the world of agriculture works with our greater ecosystem. Sweet Earth is situated on 5 acres on a watershed to the Puget Sound. During one of their visits, they’ll be able to take a hike to the canyon and be introduced to watersheds and our role, as keepers of the watershed, in keeping our earth healthy. – $45/weekly brings 9-12 offerings to your doorstep (within delivery area) or picked up at local drop point.

3) Tithe Family – We believe that ALL kids should have access to our kids program, regardless of family income. And while we can’t afford to sponsor the world, we will donate one Tithe family spot for every 10 regular memberships we offer. They will receive the full Kid Centric Membership for the season. If you know of a family who would like to participate, please contact us. Or, if you would like to SPONSOR a family, we are happy to share our applicants and you can choose which family you’d like to give the gift to.

TO REGISTER FOR CSA 2016 – We ask for a non-refundable deposit of $5.00 per week for the season. This is a total of $85.00 to become a member for the entire 17 week summer season, starting the week of June 5 and ending the week of Sept 25. This deposit allows us to ramp up for the season prior to the harvest coming in and cover our upfront costs.

Then, each week, you will be billed the remaining balance. If you are out of town for a week, no worries, you will not be billed for that week. You will also be able to add to your order. We will have “extras” such as eggs, vegetables, fresh jams, berries, etc available to add to your basket.