Our homestead is home to three types of livestock – poultry, rabbits and goats.  They serve to provide wholesome food to our customers, as well as enrichment and land management for our soils.  Healthy soil grows the best produce, which in turn provides wholesome food for our customers, as well as our animals.   Our animals are free to roam as much as possible, fed a natural, varied diet and treated with compassion and respect by our homesteaders.




IMG_2709RABBITS – Our New Zealand rabbits have been bred, over 50 generations, to be larger and more docile than the standard for their breed. Our breeder rabbits are kept in separate cages, for their health and to be stress-free with their kits. We feed organic feed and timothy hay to our breeder rabbits. Most kits are adopted out at 6 weeks old, but for those raised until harvest, they are kept in rabbit tractors on ground. Read more on our RABBITS page.

SLWyandotteFPOULTRY – We raise chicken for eggs and meat. Our laying chickens are fed organic feed and supplemented with organic vegetables, sourced from local grocery stores. Our meat chickens free-range in a tractor model, as we have overhead predators, making it unsafe for them to fully be free. We also raise turkeys and guinea fowl .   Read more on our POULTRY page

nubian-goat-pendulous-ears-roman-noseGOATS – Our goats are a Nubian cross and bred for vegetation management and meat. While goat meat is not a staple of the traditional diet in the U.S., many other cultures eat the lean meat. We offer meat for sale, and occasionally will rent out our small herd for some brush clearing.  Read more on our GOATS page