Shelton Farmers Market – June 11

We’re just two days from our next Farmers Market, and after looking at what went really, really well and what really, really didn’t, we’re changing up our gig.

And that’s one of the things we love about this particular Farmers Market. There’s no power-hungry market manager creating rules and regulations – our market manager just wants all of the vendors to co-exist peacefully (which can be challenging during set-up) and to bring some sort of wares to offer the customers.

Last week, Frankie (one of our Serama Roosters) was a hit. He did really well being handled all day by “kids” of all ages – probably the happiest kid was a retired gal who swears she’s going to be getting Serama’s in a few weeks. We didn’t bring any Serama’s to sell (as our littles are too little and we just have one hen right now up for adoption). But if I would have had a dozen at the market, they would have all sold.

Our vegetables did not fare as well. We sold one bunch of cilantro. The rest wilted and became happy bunny food by the time we returned home. Granted, we weren’t a huge vegetable stand, which, I think, is the way to sell vegetables at the market. Perhaps next year, when we have all of the infrastructure in place, we’ll do one of the markets as a vegetable stand.

What DID get attention was the Fall Basket CSA program. We are offering 10 families a basket-every-week delivered beginning on August 15. We’ve got the right vegetables (and plenty of them) and can be here full-time now, both critical pieces to bringing a weekly basket to a doorstep. We’re offering a basket with 7 or more vegetables, a salad mix, a carton of microgreens and a dozen eggs, delivered to the doorstep for $30. It’s priced low, so our customers can be more of a “partner” with us – offering ideas and suggestions for how we could make the process better, for when we launch our baskets next Spring.

So, this week at the Farmers Market, we’ll be bringing Frankie (he’s been asking all week to go back), possibly a breeding pair of Seramas – two rabbits (we’ve got two boys who are ready to go now, but this will also allow us to introduce our rabbitry to customers) and possibly a chicken. We’ll also highlight the Fall Basket program, and show a sample of what people can find on their doorstep.

This year is all about learning. If we make some money with it…bonus. So far, we’re $50 for the space and $2.00 for the revenue. We’re only -$48.00, which in the world of education, is a pretty small amount to still recoup.

IF you’re in the Shelton area this Saturday, you’ll find us downtown – from 9:00-2:00. Stop in and say hello!