Frost decides to make a nest for baby rabbits

Marshmallow has been tending her babies and Frost has spent the last day just being odd. Still eating the hay, chewing on the nest box and showing absolutely no sign of giving birth.

She didn’t feel pregnant, not that I really know what pregnant feels like. But Marshmallow had a really big belly and Frost doesn’t. So, today, after giving Frost an additional day and a half to show me something, I decided to remove the nest boxes.

I pulled Frost’s nesting box and placed it on top of her cage. I walked across the rabbitry and pulled Doe Whites and placed hers on top of her cage. She seemed happy to get the room back in her cage.

rabbit with mouthfull of strawI turn around and Frost grabs a full mouth of hay and stares me down. It was a fierce stare. I don’t really feel like I’ve gotten in sync with what the rabbits want all of the time, but there was no doubt in her eyes, she wanted the nest box back.

Sighing, I grabbed her nest box and put it back into the cage for her. “Are you kidding me? This is not an enrichment activity. You’ve got 2 more days and then it goes” She looked approvingly at me. I refilled her cage with some straw that I had in a nearby pail and she set about playing with the hay again.

Rabbit batch 2I returned one hour later. One hour. Frost has managed to get her nest built and in the middle of the day, she’s giving birth. I found the babies right after they were born. Within minutes. Frost was still cleaning her fur from the mess that comes with birthing baby rabbits.

Frost almost missed her chance. 2 days late. Playing silly games in the cage.

From now on Frost, I’ll listen to you. Everything in perfect time, and your timing was perfect. Welcome to motherhood!