Baby Bunnies are here!

The due date is today. Only one of the three rabbits, Marshmallow, has “nested”. Doe White is doing nothing and Frost is acting like a wild child.

Frost will take the nesting material (hay) and eat it. Or shred it and send it through the floor into a pile under the cage. Perhaps she thinks this is an enrichment activity? But she’s not showing signs of motherhood like our mama Marshmallow has been.

This morning, knowing TODAY was the day – and watching Marshmallow build her nest, I woke early. I ran out in the dark, turned on the light in the rabbitry and low and behold…there were BABIES!! I’m not sure how many yet…maybe four or five? She’s pulled so much fur to keep them warm on this chilly day. We’re in the mid-20’s, so we’ve been on bottle watch, making sure their bottles don’t freeze.

Marshmallow was cleaning herself, I carefully moved the nest open and there they were. Perfect pink little bodies, wriggled together to hold their body temperatures of 107 steady. Nestled deep within a nest build of hay, straw and soft rabbit fur. Fat little bellies full of their first meal from mama rabbit.

The miracle of life is exciting. Whether a rabbit, a human or a chick hatching it’s way through an eggshell. I will never get tired of watching new life come into the world.