Pierce Farm – a farm no more

Are we becoming more and more disassociated with where our food comes from? I say yes.
We’re currently in Los Angeles County – and I wanted to see something remotely agriculture related. We started with the Hermosa Farmers Market, where we found 3 produce vendors who traveled from Central Cali to get to the market. THEN…we went north to Woodland Hills. On the internet, I had found a “farm” that had kids areas, events, etc. and was somehow tied into a college.
When we got there, it looked abandoned. I quickly checked their Facebook page, and it looked like, as of April 2015, they’ve been closed down. One more instance of our food getting just a little more distant.
According to their website, they had a 6 acre area dedicated to kids, farmers market and events   Their Facebook page offered the condolences of their patrons when they no longer were open for business
What we found was an eerily empty farm.  With a chicken house, with chickens inside, obviously fed once per day, but no one around.   We walked through their “cement garden” holding cement figurines offering a 1960’s display of the wild west, complete with a gunfight panorama and a graveyard.  The cement figurines chipped, with worn paint, surrounded by barren dirt, which once held a lively garden.
We went through a fallen gate and headed up to a fantastic horse barn.  There was a lone llama and pig in the huge facility  Again, with no one around, we walked through the barn and looked at the stalls, now used as storage for the “old farm activities”.
And most telling of all.   Signs touting the colleges “Agriculture Programs”, leading to an empty building, surrounded by cyclone fencing, waiting to be demolished to bring another building in for training IT students.
How disconnected are we from our food?  And how disconnected will the next generation be?  Who will show the kids of Los Angeles where “eggs come from” or what “pork chops are made of”.
America, wake up.  Without the local farm to table connection, we’re going to lose ourselves to the mega-corporations who are producing chemically enriched foods in a highly profitable manner.
Today we saw one more loss for the earth and one more win for Monsanto.