Best Rabbit Hutches

There’s Pinterest…and then there’s reality.

I designed a rabbit Taj Mahal for the bunnies when we got them, only to find out that they were “overbuilt”. You wouldn’t think you could do too much enhancement, but for prolific poo producers, if you need support beams beneath their bums, you will get poo stuck in places it’s impossible to remove it from.

So, for rabbit hutches, simple is better. Simple wire cages. With nice wire bottoms for allowing the TON of poo per rabbit to drop through to a holding area below.

We currently have our breeders in raised wire cages on a simple frame in our breedery. I went with a non-standard size, which seemed good at first, but the cages are long and narrow, and not as good for putting nesting boxes in when the time comes.

A wide, shallow cage would be a better option. And I’ll change the bunnies habitats out again soon, as I get the chance. We have large New Zealand rabbits so giving them a little larger cage is my preference, though it seems no matter the cage size, our rabbits are pretty good at just resting.

As for our original hutches? They now house our Serama chickens and serve as a broodery cage for our incoming chickens. Around the Homestead, we make sure we are using everything we have before we bring in anything else.