Welcome to Sweet Earth

If you want to be part of the solution to factory farming, change the course of our history, and serve your family food, rich with the flavor you remember from your grandmothers table – you’re in the right place.

In 2012, we began searching for CLEAN FOOD.  Food not tainted by the way in which the animals were raised.  Non-GMO, raised utilizing organic methods and allowing the animals to be raised naturally – spending their lives doing what animals do – not in cages or overstocked warehouses.

We believe strongly that ethically raised animals will improve our health – and maybe as importantly – elevate our soul.

We believe that preserving heritage breeds not only allows us to serve the same flavor our grandparents enjoyed on the Sunday dinner table, but also contributes to the preservation of critically threatened breeds in the agricultural world.

We take our beliefs and put them into practice on a 5 acre wonderland we call Sweet Earth. We raise free-range heritage poultry and pigs. We raise New Zealand White Rabbits. We respect the earth and honor the lives of our animals. Come be a part of the journey.



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